Friday, March 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Nicholas!!

Nicholas turned five today!  It's really overwhelming to me how fast my kids lives are speeding along.  I honestly never thought I would ever have kids this old.  I got him registered for kindergarten a few weeks ago and he is so excited!  For Nicholas' birthday, I went out and got decorations and decorated the living room very fancily, I also bought him some balloons and a Batman pinata. 
 He got a pink cake because he wanted strawberry which I let him decorate himself.  Daniel watched but was not allowed to help.
 Next he went out with his brothers and some of our neighbors to break open the pinata.  Poor Batman lost the loop you use to hang it up from so Ben tied the rope around the neck and we lynched Batman.
 Then we did presents and cake and ice cream.  He got things like scrapbook supplies, play kitchen stuff, and sidewalk chalk.  He really loves drawing and making cards so it was a really good birthday for him!

Monday, March 1, 2010


Recently we had a snow storm.  It didn't last very long, but it dumped a bunch of snow on us and then it warmed up and it all melted away.  Before it was all gone, Nicholas and Daniel were able to get in a quick snowman with their Daddy.  They had been waiting all winter to build one.
He helped them hoist the snowballs on top of each other and then we found an old scarf and some baby carrots and rocks so we could make it look all snowman-y.
Nicholas was the most excited and most proud of their creation.