Sunday, January 30, 2011

Reptile night

We went to the Bean Museum for family night tonight.  It was reptile night and we thought the boys would really enjoy it.  During the reptile presentation, the boys got to go up and help hold a huge snake skin to show how big it was.  It was really cool and they loved it!
Daniel, Alex, and Nicholas help hold a giant snake skin!

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Alan and Kristin blessed their new baby Ammon and since we have the flight benefits and are about the only family that could go out for the event, we decided to get Madelynn a passport and take a trip.  They took us out to see the old city and it was a lot of fun!
Part of our motley crew on our way to Prague Castle

In front of the gates

Mommy and her sleeping baby

You can see part of the old city behind me

Ben and Madelynn

I know it's dark, but this is me and Madelynn in front of the clock tower
I love this picture!  You can see Madelynn riding on Ben's shoulders

This was Madelynn and Nicholas' reunion after we got home from Prague.  I guess they missed each other!