Monday, November 29, 2010

Gingerbread Train

Every year the kids want to make something out of gingerbread for Christmas.  This year I found a train for them to make and decorate but made the error of buying it before Thanksgiving.  I told them they couldn't make it until after Thanksgiving was over so here we are, not even December yet, but making our gingerbread train for Family Night right after Thanksgiving.
Everyone liked helping to put candy on the train, Madelynn was just helping to sneak candy.
Madelynn, Daniel, Alex, and Nicholas
I caught Nicholas stealing candy
Just a few more finishing touches, while Madelynn eats more candy
"All finished, now let's eat it!"

Thursday, November 25, 2010


In the spirit of not wanting to be outdone by Nicholas, although he has a long way to go, this Thanksgiving, we got to spend the evening at the ER with Daniel getting stitches.  After spending Thanksgiving at Sandy's house with Ben's family, some of us headed out to Ben's Uncle Wes and Aunt Jeannie's house to visit.  While there, Daniel hit his head on the edge of a coffee table and split open his head just over his left eye.  We decided  his injury wasn't so severe that we couldn't go home first, so we drove the nearly an hour home to drop Ben and the other kids off home (it was getting late) and then Grandma Carbine came with me and Daniel (to keep me company) to the American Fork hospital to get stitched up.
Obviously this was a little painful and he wasn't loving his decision to try stitches out.
The hospital was so nice and gave Daniel a packet with coloring pages, and crayons and toys and things in it to try to take his mind off his cut and give him something to do.  He wasn't incredibly interested except in having Grandma color the pictures for him and choosing the colors she should use.
 Daniel was pretty nervous about the whole thing, so they had to give him some medicine to make him loopy so he didn't know what was going on while they put the stitches in.  It worked great, he didn't even know what was going on, except it made him throw up once.
The medicine didn't make him fall asleep, it just made him very unaware of what was going on.  Here he is getting the last of his stitches.

The finished product
They made Daniel sit up in a chair and stay awake for a while after the medicine wore off to make sure he was okay, they also monitored his vital signs.  He didn't really like this part.

After they monitored him for a little bit, they let him sleep off the medicine a little bit before we took him home.  He liked this part. 
After a while, the medicine was out of his system enough and his vital signs looked good so they let us take him home.  What a long night!!