Friday, September 23, 2011


All of the overtime Ben had to work finally came to an end and we finally got to go to Disneyland!!  We had such a great time!  We left on Sunday which was Daniel's birthday and drove as far and Primm where we spent the night after a stop in St. George to let the kids run around and see the temple.  The next morning we woke up bright and early and were off the Anaheim.  We made a quick stop at a Disney outlet store to let the kids get their souvenirs and then made it to our hotel.  Since it was about lunch time, we decided not to go right to the park since we couldn't spend the whole day there and instead went to the beach for a few hours to have lunch and play in the ocean.  At first it was cloudy and cold, but soon the sun came out and the kids and Ben had a fun time playing in the sand and in the water.  I forgot my swim suit so I mostly just sat on a towel in the sun and watched.  Oh well.
Madelynn playing in the sand at the beach
 The next three days we spent between Disneyland and California Adventure. 
Mickey Pumpkin!!

One of the first things we did on the first day in Disneyland was Ben took the three boys on Splash Mountain (they really really really wanted to go!).  After the ride was over, a traumatized Alex and Nicholas decided they would never ride that again, but Daniel decided it was his favorite ride.  They then decided they wanted to go on Indiana Jones.  Daniel was too short so he went with me back to the hotel to start getting lunch ready while the others rode the ride.  Once again, traumatizing.  After that combo, the two older boys wouldn't go on any rides unless Madelynn and I were riding it.  Finally on the last day just hours before we had to leave the park, Nicholas tried a few bigger rides and saw that all rides are not scary and ended loving them.  We never did get Alex on anything bigger than Small World again though.  Guess he'll never trust us again.
Ben, Alex, Daniel, and Nicholas on Splash Mountain

 Since I'm mostly using pictures from my hone for this, I'm sad that I don't have better pictures to share, but the Splash Mountain picture is pretty priceless so at least I have that.  Anyway, Friday quickly came and it was time to go home.  We had to drive straight home since Ben had to go to work on Saturday morning.  About 40 minutes into our drive home, Daniel started throwing up.  All the way home.  I lost count how many times he threw up after about half a dozen times, all I know is that it was awful!  Unfortunately I had forgotten my wallet so that meant I also forgot my driver's license.  Ben kept offering to drop me off at the nearest airport with a couple of the kids, but since I had no I.D... :(  Needless to say, the drive home was very long and we were so happy to finally get home!  Not the way we wanted to end the trip, but at least we had fun before the ride home!