Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Skull

Okay, back story:  Once upon a time, Ben and Jamie were young teenagers who were in love.  Jamie would often hang out at Ben's house and they spent all their free time together.  One day, as Ben and Jamie drove up to Ben's house, Ben voiced his dislove of a cow skull his father had put in the front yard as a decoration.  This got Jamie thinking.  Being the selfless giver that she was, she decided to do a favor for Ben so one night, when she was leaving his house, she hauled the ugly (heavy!!) cow head to the trunk of her car and drove away.  The next day, an excited Jamie and Ben hung out.  Again.  As usual.  She pulled him to her car and popped the trunk to reveal to him her surprise and Ben laughed and laughed about it.  Jamie thought she had done a good thing.  It wasn't long before Ben's dad discovered his cow skull was gone and was very sad about it.  Ben started to feel guilty.  Jamie felt bad.  One day while Jamie was at Ben's house, Ben decided he needed to give the cow skull back to his dad, but instead of just getting it out of Jamie's trunk and giving it back, Ben took his dad to Jamie's car and popped the trunk to reveal the skull.  Ben's dad was not happy with Jamie and Jamie felt stupid about what she had done.  Ever since then, Ben and Jamie still think the cow head is kind of silly, but realize Ben's dad loves it so they leave it alone and just talk about it sometimes.  The end.  Fast forward to the present.  The other day, Angie was at our house and the story of the cow skull came up.  Can't remember why.  And then we talked about the skull.  I made a comment about how if the cow skull was going to be out there, we should dress it up for holidays since Ben' parents don't really decorate for any holidays but Christmas.  We all agreed that this was a great idea.  So on her way home, Angie picked up a Santa hat for the skull.  The next day while we were at Ben's parent's house, she gave it to me and I proceeded to adorn the skull with the hat.   Everyone thought it was pretty funny!  I'm hoping to remember this and dress it up as more holidays come around.  I think it may need bunny ears and a Halloween mask or something later.
A close up of the Christmas cow skull.  He needs a name, any ideas?

Merry Christmas from the Kents!  There, I just found their next Christmas card!

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