Saturday, December 3, 2011

Gammon Family Christmas Party

It's time for the annual Gammon Family Christmas party!  Something I, for one, really look forward to every year.  This year it was held at Shirley's ward building instead of mom's, but the festivities were all the same starting with lunch and the family talent show (no one in my family wanted to share anything this year, although I wanted to go up and show everyone my belly.  It's a talent I suppose...) followed by the kids all acting out the nativity.  This year Daniel was an angel (not quite sure which kind yet), and Alex was a wise man (more like a wise guy).  I told everyone I wanted to be Mary, being 8 1/2 months pregnant, but unfortunately they already picked a little girl to be Mary and it would have made her cry to take her spot.  Nicholas wanted to be a wise man, but three boys were already wise men at that point and he thought there could only be three so he pouted back to Ben and I and cried.  By that time, all was lost.  Nicholas doesn't recover from something like that easily. I told him him there could be more than three and we just said there was three because there were three gifts given.  He shot back that he wouldn't have a gift to hold so he couldn't be in the nativity.I told him maybe he could give Baby Jesus the gift of pizza (we had pizza for lunch) so he wouldn't be hungry (SO not funny mom, and maybe a little blasphemous).  Needless to say, Nicholas was too sad to be in the nativity this year.  Madelynn slept through it.  Oh well.
Daniel the angel

Madelynn sleeping through the party
Next we got a visit from Santa and got to hit the pinatas, which is really just a distraction so Santa doesn't have kids following him out the door.  Of course Daniel butted in the front of the line and saw Santa before I could get a picture.  The other two boys are a little more patient.
Nicholas.  I think he's asking for an easy bake oven

Alex and Santa
After the pinata, it was fun to sit around and talk for a bit until time to clean up.  While gabbing, Kira and I noticed that the two little girls had discovered some open candy on the floor from the pinatas that was unclaimed and all over the floor.  Being the great mothers we are, we decided to just let them go at it and take pictures of them instead.  Mother of the year sitting right here.
Teah and Madelynn "cleaning" up the floor
I love the Christmas party and will be sad when it's no longer a tradition anymore.

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